Automation System for Concrete Batching Plants.


Since 1970 Betonmac S.A. has been developing and applying the highest technology in the field of automation and process control.

General Features.

  • Integral control and management system designed for the selling and/or production of concrete, PC-implemented.
  • On Operative System Windows XP Professional (network protocol TCP/IP).
  • Operative management through an easy-operation menu which comprises the following areas:
    • Concrete production: sequential programming of various concrete types to be dispatched.
    • Laboratory: formulas consulting, arranged according to concrete codes, formulas and description.
    • Materials: name, entry (purchase), consumption, material stock and inventory.
    • Management: data related to: customers, purchase orders, truck drivers, trucks and report of daily and monthly production.
    • Plant configuration: quantity of weigh batchers, silos, mixers, etc.
    • Miscellaneous: each menu item can have a password, system suited for network operation.
    • Data importation and exportation.
  • Moisture rates correction in aggregates, rates entered by keyboard or by microwave probe (optional), measurement takes place in storage hoppers or in mixers (should they exist).


Betonmatic VH developed by Betonmac S.A. is a meaningful technological improvement which provides concrete plant users an automation system which allows them to operate with all the advances technology offers today.

Structure and Configuration.

Basically, the functional outline of VH Automation System consists of a software that operates on a PC and which, through a menu, offers a complete management for sale and/or production of concrete.
This software is closely bound together, via RS232C, to an interface called SB89, designed and manufactured by Betonmac S.A., assigned to automatically control the batching plant.
In turn, the interface SB89 is interconnected to an electro-mechanical command board which is in charge of concrete plant operations.(See drawings attached).

Hardware supplied by user.

  • Pentium IV - 2.8 GHz (or higher, recomended microprocessor Intel).
  • RAM 3 Gigabytes
  • Video card 1024x768
  • 500 Gigabytes hard disk (or higher).
  • USB
  • Keyboard (preferably standard international English).
  • Mouse
  • Serial port RS232C.
  • Monitor LCD 22”.
  • CD ROM reader x 50 (or higher).
  • Multimedia card with loudspeakers (Optional).
  • Net Card Ethernet
  • Windows XP Professional (with Service Pack 3 or higher) or Windows 7 Professional
    (both 32 bits)
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) in accordance with PC consumption plus Betonmatic interface (100W).

Necessary Hardware for functioning.

  • Interfase SB89.
  • Electro-mechanical command board.
  • Interconnection cables between PC and interface SB89 and between SB89 and electro-mechanical command board.

Software Betonmatic VH supplied by Betonmac S.A.

The system was developed on Visual Basic basis, with Access database. It operates under Windows XP Professional environment which intrinsically provides multitask services, multiusers, connectivity in TCP/IP network, internet, intranet, modem, etc. comprised in our application.
The most significant services this software offers are:
  1. An easy operation-and-interpretation graphic menu which includes as principal areas:
    1. Concrete: it displays a dispatch sheet where concrete types required by customers are sequentially programmed.
      Together with this dispatch sheet, and when a cycle is carried out, there comes an interactive mimicry that shows the plant operations, weigh batcher readings, times, etc. Plant operations are saved on a file.
    2. Laboratory: Registration and drop outs areas, modifications and consulting of formulas of 1m3 of dry saturated concrete.
    3. Materials: Registration and drop outs areas, modifications and consulting of material definition, entries, consumptions, inventories and stock. Consumption estimate for a required production with regard to theoretical formulas selected.
    4. Administration: It offers a simple management of customers, purchase orders, truck drivers, trucks and remittance slips issued by the system. All these items provide reports related to the production attained within the dates from/to required.
    5. Machine: it sets up the plant parameters, that is: quantity of weigh batchers, of silos, gates per silo, interface output/input specifications, moisture probes, etc. All this is done by material group (aggregates, cements, water and admixtures).
    6. Miscellaneous: password management in the style of Window XP, parameters to function in network, data management (Connectivity with external systems), system enabling, output to operative system.
  2. Connectivity:
    • On network-built either via coaxil cable, UTP, satellite modem, optic fibre , etc.
    • On a further level, on line together with other protocols via TCP/IP.
    • As for ASCII files, with masks that make it possible to adapt import/export registers to/from external systems, counting with the possibility of determining the following:
      1. Which fields , from the existing ones, are required.
      2. Which size is required for each field.
      3. Which delimiter will be used between mentioned fields.
      4. Which end mark will be used.
      5. Registers can be selected by dates (from/to), by codes, by names, etc.
  3. Besides, it is also supplied with the following material:
    1. A compact disk that contains VH software.
    2. General information folder.
    3. User’s manual.